Role of the Deacon

Based on the New Testament, the role of the deacon is mainly to be a servant. A local church needs deacons to provide logistical and material support so that the pastors can focus on the Word of God and prayer (cf. Acts 6:1-6).

The office of deacon is established on Christ-like character that manifests itself in service (cf. 1 Timothy 3:8-13) to support the work of the pastors, create unity in the church, and take care of the physical and logistical needs of the church to include:

  • Staying in communication with every family through our Deacon Family Ministry
  • Helping prepare for baptisms and the Lord’s Supper
  • Assisting the pastors with in-home and/or hospital visitation for the purpose of prayer and encouragement
  • Facilitating care for those in financial need
  • Giving care to the physical property of the church

Our Deacons

Joseph Kezele, Chairman

Ray Ezell
Allan Bradley
Michael Wulff
Norman McMahon
Pat Simmons
                 Bill Stofer